The only certification program in India that offers the highest return on investment.

Our 100% job-guaranteed certification program will enable you to develop your skills and even stand out in the market as a corporate leader.

You can be assured that our highly experienced placement team will provide you with 100% support until you are placed.

> Experience the benefits of learning and working with our partner companies

> Get advice from the industry experts on how to convey your value on LinkedIn and on your resume.

> Until you are hired, participate in our mock interviews.

> Personalized Learning Program with Experts in Domains and Functional Areas

Are you struggling with a growing skills gap?

The so-called “skills gap” has been blamed for unemployment, income inequality, and a slew of other economic problems. To close this gap, however, a basic misinterpretation of the problem that has afflicted so-called “low-skill” employees must be corrected first.

Have you ever come across these types of questions when you were searching for jobs?


What can I do to gain hands-on experience?


What would be the best way to set Job Expectations?


What can I do to improve my interview skills?


How do I discover my future career path?

According to the World Economic Forum, by 2025 the top skills of entry- to mid-level employees will be:

> Analytical thinking and innovation

> Active learning and learning strategies

> Complex problem-solving

> Critical thinking and analysis

> Creativity, originality and initiative

> Leadership and social influence

The answer is education.

The problem is, it often falls short.

No experience to draw upon

The way we are getting evaluated in traditional learning systems

Interaction between industries and academia is at a standstill

That’s why a different approach is needed

The certification program enables you to assess and develop skills to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow. We foster transformation by

> Identifying the right people for the right job

> Empowering individuals with the right tools and skills

> Building connections for lifelong learning

Who is it for?

> Graduates seeking their first career break

> Professionals who are interested in upskilling/reskilling and seeking a new career path

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